Red Bull Extra 300S – 3D Model Plane

Red Bull Extra 300S – 3D Model Plane

The Extra 300S is a purpose designed, unlimited aerobatic competition aircraft. The Extra 300S is one of a handful of types capable of competing effectively at international level and one of very few to have achieved a US Federal Aviation Administration Standard Category airworthiness certification. It is the culmination of nearly twenty years of design and construction technique development by its designer, Walter Extra. 

The airframe, designed and constructed to cope with loads of plus and minus, makes optimal use of a range of materials in its construction.

The wing and tail are built of state of the art carbon and glass fiber composites while the fuselage uses steel tube in a construction method used in aircraft manufacture for more than eighty years.

The wing skins are supported by wooden ribs attached to a pair of carbon fiber wing spars. The fuselage is covered in a combination of glass fiber panels and synthetic fabric.

The 300S differs from the 300 in having a single seat, shorter span wings and more powerful ailerons, while retaining the same powerplant and basic fuselage. Extra 300S are stressed for +10/10g flight with a single pilot, have additional transparencies in the lower sides of the fuselage below the wings for pilot visibility, and a single piece canopy.

Red Bull 300S Projeto

Manufacturer/designer: Walter Extra.

Production line: Flugplatz Schwarze Heide.

Type aircraft: Unlimited aerobatic competition aircraft.

First flight: March 4, 1992.

Cockpit: One pilot.

Wing span: 7,50 m.

Wing area: 10,45 m².

Fuselage length: 6,65 m.

Height: 2,62 m.

Engines: One Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 rated 224 KW.

Propeller: Mühlbauer constant speed, 2,0 m diameter, blades are constructed of timber with Stainless Steel leading edges and the Extra 300 S is certified for either three or four bladed propellers.

Weight: 653 Kg.

Fuel: Fuselage tank capacity 51 liters. Wing tank capacity 60 liters.

Max. take off weight: 920 Kg.

Cruise speed: 314 km/h.

Max. speed: 407 km/h.

Max rate of roll: -

G-limits: 10-/10+.

Range: 850 km.

Performance: Max. rate of climb at sea level 1.000 m per minute.

Take-off run: 112 m.

Red Bull Air Race Pilots Flying This Aircraft: Peter Besenyei, Paul Bonhomme, Nicolas Ivanoff, Nigel Lamb, Klaus Schrodt

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